Growth of patent portfolios in times of economic decline

The years from 2013 till 2019 in many Western countries predominantly showed a period of economic growth. Most probably the year 2020 will show a change in this trend. Since March 2020, economic data have been showing a macro-economic picture that is not quite rosy. The situation however is not the same everywhere. Certain business activities are impacted severely, while other activities instead are spurred.

costs and opportunities for patent portfolios

Companies are confronted with the question how to deal with the new circumstances. That question can also be raised with regard to patent portfolios. Extending or even just maintaining a position requires expenses. That can give rise to taking a critical look at patent portfolios and possibly take leave from some of the patent rights. Those are often difficult choices, which easily introduce the question of what value the patent rights have.

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Posted on 19 June 2020.


On 29 May 2018, SC published a column on the proposal for the Dutch trade secrets protection act. The column briefly discusses the proposed regulation for awarding legal costs in court proceedings on trade secrets (the new article 1019ie of the Dutch Code of Civil Procedure). The new regulation offers Dutch courts a possibility for a cost order that is relatively high, compared to the general standard in The Netherlands.

After questions from members of the Dutch Senate, the government gave a further explanation to the intended scope of application of the new regulation (Parliamentary Papers I 2017/18, 34 821 A-D and 2018/19, 34 821 E-H). The proposal subsequental passed the Dutch Senate, and came into effect on 23 October 2018. 


Posted on 18 February 2019.